CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0 for Blender

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The CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0 is a set of 20 configurable spotlights presets for Blender, that faithfully mimic real-world IES lamp lighting without a need for an add-on or any external files.

The presets are conveniently packed into one easy to use interface that allows fast selection of the light beam pattern design, setting the light intensity, choosing the light color by using Kelvin color temperature, RGB color or both,
And also tweak properties that are unavailable in regular IES lights like controlling the focus of the light beam, and adding a Chromatic Dispersion effect.

The CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0 can be used both as a ready to use Lamp or a Mesh light.

Get more details and purchase CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0 on Blender Market:

> CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0 is offered at a reduced price as part of the CG-Lion Basic Shading Collection bundle.

Blackboard Studios TD Serj Maiorov‘s personal CG VFX project “HeartFuel” lit with CG-Lion Spotlight Presets Pack 1.0:

Blackboard Studios “SodaStream DUO” animated CG commercial lit with CG-Lion Presets Pack 1.0

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